Meet Our Attorneys

Pendleton & Herbold LLP is a full-service law firm providing a range of legal services including family law, estate planning and probate, business law and mediation. No matter what your legal concern may be, we encourage you to contact our office.

Jean Pendleton

A respected fourth-generation attorney, Jean has been practicing law throughout the state of Iowa since 1989. She practices primarily in the litigation and trial law field; however, her practice includes a general practice including but not limited to employment law, civil rights and discrimination law, family law and personal injury law. For more than two decades, attorney Pendleton has been training and lecturing on those topics to lawyers, companies and the general population.

Nicholas Herbold

Nick is a partner at Pendleton & Herbold LLP, devoting his practice to family law, estate planning/probate, and business law. As a certified mediator, Nick also enjoys helping individuals resolve disputes in these areas of the law. Prior to joining Jean Pendleton in private practice in 2010, Nick had been a staff member for the United States Senate, clerked for Pendleton Law Firm, and clerked for The Honorable Mark W. Bennett, with the United States District Court for the Northern District of Iowa.

Regan Wilson

Even prior to becoming an attorney with the firm, Ms. Wilson was involved as a legal assistant and, once in law school, then as a law clerk with the firm. Pendleton & Herbold LLP is proud to have been chosen by Ms. Wilson as her place of practice. Ms. Wilson has a general practice including but not limited to trial law, domestic law (divorces, adoptions, paternity), employment law and juvenile law.

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